UniWindLjubljana Competition 2021


The Wind, Brass and Percussion Department of Music Academy UL is organising an international competition for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and saxophone. The competition will be held in two rounds.

The first round will be held online via video recordings sent by 23rd April 2021.

The second round will be held on 30th May 2021 in the Slavko Osterc Hall in the Slovenian Philharmonic. 

In case of the epidemic situation worsening, the organisers reserve the right to postpone the second round of the competition to a later date.



Musicians born from 1st January 1997 onwards are eligible to apply to the competition.



The competition registration fee: 30 €.
Address and account number:
Stari trg 34
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
IBAN: SI56 0110 0603 0706 828, UJP LJUBLJANA
Bank: Banka Slovenije, Slovenska 35, 1000 Ljubljana
ReferenceUniWINDLjubljana, ime in priimek tekmovalca/participant full name



The participants are required to send their application forms with attached YouTube link to their video recordings to the email address rc@ag.uni-lj.si by 23rd April 2021.

  • Participants are required to attach a copy of their chosen programme in pdf format. The file title must include: instrument played by the participant (in the English or Slovene language), participants’ surname, composer’s surname and the title of the composition (e.g. Flute_Novak_Telemann_Fantasy). The piano accompaniment must be attached only in the II. round of the competition.
  • Participants are required to attach the proof of the application fee payment.
  • Participants must be aware that the performing programme cannot be changed after the application form is submitted.





1st Award: 1000EUR and 30-minute recording session at the Radio Slovenia.

2nd Award: A solo recital as a part of the "Young Virtuosi" cycle organised by Ljubljana Festival in the 2021/22 season.

3rd Award: A solo recital in the Slavko Osterc Hall in the Slovenian Philharmonic.




  • The programme has to consist of solo instrumental compositions, including at least two compositions from different musical periods. 
  • Pieces are to be performed on the whole, not only individual movements.
  • The program may include transcriptions and solo songs.

The video recording should not be older than 30 days. The participants are required to introduce themselves at the start of the recording with their full name to confirm their identity. The programme has to be performed within one recording without cuts and interruptions. Participants’ full body and their instrument have to be well visible in the recorded video.


Round II: solo recital with piano accompaniment with the programme lasting 30 to 40 minutes.

  • Programme of the 2nd round can be chosen by participants themselves, however, choosing one composition by a Slovenian composer is strongly encouraged. 
  • One piece has to be performed by heart.
  • Pieces are to be performed on the whole, not only individual movements.
  • The program may include transcriptions and solo songs.

Round II programme must not include compositions performed in Round I.



Karolina Šantl Zupan/flute

Matej Zupan/flute

Matej Grahek/flute

Matej Šarc/oboe

Jože Kotar/clarinet

Andrej Zupan/clarinet

Tadej Kenig/clarinet

Jure Hladnik/clarinet

David Gregorc/clarinet

Zoran Mitev/bassoon

Matjaž Drevenšek/saxophone

Miha Rogina/saxophone

Dejan Prešiček/saxophone



V primeru, da kandidat ne nastopi s svojim korepetitorjem, bo imel na voljo uradnega korepetitorja tekmovanja./If the participant cannot perform accompanied by his répétiteur, our official répétiteur are available.

Mateja Hladnik/flute
Nika Tkalec/oboe
Tea Andrijić/clarinet
Bojana Karuza/bassoon
Sae Lee/saxophone



  1. The video recording will be forwarded to all members of the assessment committee and will be publicly available at the Academy of Music UL web page from 23rd April 2021 until the announcement of the Round I results.
  2. The chosen programme cannot be changed after the application is submitted.
  3. The application fee can not be refunded in any circumstances.
  4. Round II participants will perform based on alphabetical order. The first letter will be drawn.
  5. Six candidates will be selected to compete in Round II. Results will be announced on 3rd May 2021 made publicly available on the Academy of Music UL web page.
  6. The order of the participants competing in Round II of the competition will be announced on 10th May 2021 and made publicly available on the Academy of Music UL web page. The selected participants will be informed via e-mail as well.
  7. Assessment committee members cannot evaluate their own students.
  8. The assessment committee has the right to interrupt the participants if the suggested time limit is exceeded.
  9. The competition results announcement and award ceremony will be held straight after Round II of the competition is completed.
  10. It is not possible to file an appeal against the results.
  11. By signing the application form the participants are giving their consent for their video recordings and competition results to be publicly available.
  12. By submitting the application form the participants agree with the rules of the competition.


Competition organiser:

Akademija za glasbo UL (UL Academy of Music)
Oddelek za pihala, trobila in tolkala (Wind, Brass and Percussion Department)
Stari trg 34
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija


Contact for additional information:

The Wind, Brass and Percussion Department would like to thank all the supporters of the UniWINDLjubljana Competition 2021.

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