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 pekinškega Kitajskega glasbenega  konsevatorija (China  Conservatory of Music) med  9. in 12.  septembrom udeležil  Srečanja o  globalnem  glasbenem  izobraževanju (The Global Leadership Network on Higher Music Education) na katerem  je 33 svetovno  uveljavljenih glasbenih  visokošolskih  zavodov iz  Evrope,  Severne Amerike, Avstralije  in  Azije,  med njimi  tudi  Akademija za glasbo  Univerze v Ljubljani, ustanovilo Svetovno glasbeno izobraževalno ligo (World Music Education  League).





Draft Charter of the Global Music Education League



Global Music Education League (referred to in this charter as “GMEL”)



GMEL is a non-governmental, non-profit international organization.



The world-famous music educational institutions


Headquarters and Secretariat Location:

GMEL is headquartered in Beijing, the People's Republic of China; the Secretariat is located at the China Conservatory of Music.


Governance Structure/Organs/Composition

GMEL shall elect a President and consist of a Council (Executive Committee) and a Secretariat; the Secretariat is responsible for coordinating and implementing the Council resolutions and routine affairs.



GMEL is sponsored by China Conservatory of Music, and its purposes are:

  1. to strengthen the exchange and cooperation among international music education institutions; to develop global music education;
  2. to create world-class academic community covering music teaching, research, creation and performance;
  3. to build an international platform for music talent training, teaching, research, resource construction and exchange cooperation;
  4. to create an international music education system in line with the future development trend;
  5. to promote the development of traditional music and classical music of all peoples around the world; and
  6. to promote understanding and exchange among different nations and cultures.



GMEL Members shall:

  1. share effective information and resource services, and build educational resources platform;
  2. hold top international music competitions and establish International First Class "Music Academy Award";
  3. promote contemporary musical pieces, develop different forms of musical works such as opera, dance drama, music drama, musical film as well as vocal and instrumental music based on cultures of different nations;
  4. enhance and develop comprehensively the level of music education around the globe;
  5. hold regularly the investigation and exchange activities based on the cultures of various ethics of China and the world among the Members;
  6. build a network platform among schools in GMEL to strengthen the inter-school interaction and promote the professional development of teachers.


Admission Requirements

  1. commitment to the compliance with GMEL's charter;
  2. readiness to contribute to the cause of world music education;
  3. a good reputation in the field of music education;
  4. applying for GMEL membership and the approval of the Council.


Admission Procedure:

  1. The applicants shall fill in and submit the application form to the Secretariat for pre-approval;
  2. The Council shall discuss in meetings and vote to approve;
  3. A certificate of membership shall be issued by the Council or the Secretariat authorized by the Council.


Rights and Obligations

GMEL Members:

  1. shall elect representatives on continent-basis to establish the council, which reserves the right to elect GMEL President, the Presidency of which shall rotate every certain period of time.
  2. shall be granted the right to be part of the discussion, research, decision-making on major issues of GMEL and to participate in the activities organized by GMEL;
  3. shall share educational information within GMEL;
  4. may carry out activities in the name of GMEL;
  5. shall implement the relevant resolutions of GMEL in compliance with this charter, and inform GMEL of the relevant progress.


Use of funds

  1. GMEL funds shall be all used to realize the construction and development of music education specified in the Charter.
  2. The costs may include the daily operating expenses of the GMEL Secretariat, conference organization, major event organization, expert recruitment, industry research, database construction, the construction and maintenance the official website, R & D and construction of the service platform, branding materials and other related expenses.


Financial Management

  1. The funds are managed by the finance department set up by the Secretariat, and the Council conducts supervision to ensure that the accounting information is legal, authentic and complete.
  2. The Secretariat will, in accordance with the resolutions of the Council, formulate annual budgets, and fulfill its planned implementation after the approval of the Council, and submit statementofincome and expenditure to the Council on a regular basis.
  3. An accounting firm shall be hired to conduct an annual audit of the accounts and submit an annual audit report.


Other Provisions

For matters uncovered in the Charter, the charter may be supplemented or amended after the approval of the Executive Council.

The Charter goes into effect after the discussion and voting of the Founding Assembly of GMEL, and shall be reported to the regulatory sector for the record.



Secretariat address: China Conservatory of Music, No 1., Anxiang Road, Chao Yang District, Beijing, P.R. China




Global Music Education League

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